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01 March 2009 @ 03:44 pm
Fic - Every Two Weeks - Carson/Jennifer - NC-17  
Title: Every Two Weeks
Pairing: Carson Beckett/Jennifer Keller
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1026
Summary: She’s the only one who visits.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them.

Jennifer is the only one who visits. At first, Carson thinks it’s because Woosley wants to know what he’s doing out there. The expedition leader has always thought Carson a bit mad for wanting to live on another planet instead of Atlantis. And he’s not the only one. Carson has seen the way Rodney and John roll their eyes when he tries to tell them about all the good he’s doing.

He waits for the day Jennifer finally breaks, and tells him the truth. Yet, the day never comes. Instead, she continues to come to visit him, at least once every two weeks, and she always seems genuinely happy to be there. She brings him snacks from Atlantis’ dining hall, and always makes sure to pack extra antibiotics. Carson knows Woosley would have a fit if he knew how much medicine Jennifer is really giving him, so he decides to keep it a secret.

Carson gets use to the visits, and starts to look forward to them. All he deals with is sickness it seems, and Jennifer is like a ray of sunshine compared to that. It doesn’t take long until he finds himself enthralled by her, and his thoughts about her stop being of the platonic variety. She’s beautiful, funny, caring, and intelligent. And he wants nothing more than to touch her.

He doesn’t, though. Carson doesn’t think he’ll ever have a real relationship again. He tried with Alison, but that quickly went south because she seemed a little put off by his clone status. If someone who barely knows him is put off by it, he can only imagine what Jennifer really thinks of him.

But it doesn’t stop him from thinking about her, especially at night when he’s alone in his hut. Carson has always liked to fantasize about those around him - John, Rodney, and now Jennifer. He imagines he’s buried deep inside her warmth as he uses some medical lubrication to slick his erection. He always comes hardest when he thinks of Jennifer, which only seems to fuel his need for her.

Months after her visits start, Jennifer comes to the village with an extra bag. She shyly tells him she’s spending the night since Atlantis’ Gate will be off-line until morning. Carson feels his want for her start to knot in the pit of him stomach, but he ignores it. He offers to find her a place to sleep, perhaps with one of the village families, but Jennifer quickly declines. She wants to stay with him.

Carson allows it, while telling himself Jennifer will be in the bed, while he’s on the floor. His father had taught him how to be a gentleman, and he wasn’t about to let his hormones get in the way of that.

After dinner, and a small walk around the edge of the village, Carson takes Jennifer back to his hut. He puts up a curtain so she can change into her night clothes and when she’s finished, he points to the bed and tells her it’s hers for the night.

“Why?” she asks, which causes Carson to rapidly blink his eyes.

“Because you’re a guest, Jennifer,” Carson replies. He motions toward the bed, and swallows. “It wouldn’t be right if I took the bed, and forced you to the floor.”

Jennifer lets out a long sigh, and sits on the edge of the bed. She folds her hands on her lap, and stares at the floor. “I’m doing this wrong,” she says without looking at him.

“Doing what wrong?”

She looks up at him, and Carson notices the glow from the fireplace is washing over her features. She looks breathtaking, and he has to stop himself from going to her.

“I...don’t you know I like you?” she asks, acting as if it ‘s the most obvious question in the world. “I’ve been trying for months to get you to notice me.”

Carson’s heart starts to loudly pound in his ears as he stares at Jennifer. He wants to say something cleaver, but his mouth and brain are suddenly refusing to work together. He knows he can no longer hold himself back so he goes to her, and cups her face. And, after looking into her eyes to make sure she really wants it, Carson leans down to kiss her.

The kiss is a bit timid at first, but soon it deepens, and he feels Jennifer tug him down to the bed. He wants to touch every inch of her, and allow his fingers to map out her skin. He sets the pace, making sure they go slowly, even if all he wants is to take her clothes off, and slip inside her.

By the time both of them are naked, and on the bed, their skin is sheen in sweat. Carson kisses over her skin, gauging her reactions so he’ll know what she likes, and doesn’t like. He tastes her, and brings her to climax with his tongue before he pulling himself up and over her.

Gently, he pushes himself in her, shuddering at how warm and tight she is. He looks down at her, a lump forming in his throat at the look she’s giving him. It one of love, he knows, and it’s been so long since anyone has looked at him that way.

Carson wants the moment to last, fearing she’ll be gone after they’re through. But he can only hold on for so long until she’s clenching around him, and whimpering his name. With one last thrust, he pushes deep in her and comes as he whispers her name against the skin of her neck.

After they settle, Carson reluctantly pulls out, and lays beside her. Jennifer looks at him, her face full of bliss and smiles. “I love you,” she says without hesitation or reserve.

“I love you too,” is his reply.

Carson gathers her in his arms, and holds her close. In the morning, she will return to Atlantis, and he won’t see her again for another two weeks, but he doesn’t care. He finally has her in his arms, and nothing else matters.
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Lara: carson smilelarakailyn on March 1st, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
Awwww and GUH! Oh, that was very well written, love! I like how you painted their relationship growing, and the sex was really hot and sweet! :D

Great job, sweetie! <3
minion to the evil plot bunnies: SGA - Carson bwdeviantfantasy on March 2nd, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D