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Fic - Three Years - Carson/John - NC-17

Title: Three Years
Pairing: Carson/John
Word Count 1157
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Not beta’d. Slight spoilers for ‘Outsiders’.
Summary: After the events in ‘Outsiders’, John brings Carson back to the planet and asks him something he should have asked three years before.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, and all mistakes are my own.
AN: This is my first Carson/John fic. I wrote it as part of my campaign to brainwash larakailyn into seeing the goodness of Carson/John. ;-)

Carson was grateful Nadia had taken the time to start a fire in his hut before his arrival. It was winter on the planet, and it took a while for the old fire burning stoves to heat up. They didn’t warm a room like the heating units did on Atlantis, but it was better than freezing to death.

“Fuck, it’s cold in here. How do you sleep?”

He turned and looked at John, who was placing a box medical supplies on the table, and smiled. “It’s not that bad once it warms up a bit,” Carson explained before he shrugged his duffle bag off his shoulder, and placed it on the floor. “Thank you for bringing me back.”

“You do know Woosley said you could stay on Atlantis, and run medical with Keller, right?” John asked as he raised his eyebrows. He then crossed his arms and shivered a bit.

“Aye, but I’m needed here. No one else is going to help them get better.”

John nodded and moved over to the stove, and held his hands over it. “You’ve changed, you know,” he said without looking at Carson.

“I know. I’m not like him.”

Turning his head, John looked at Carson, and furrowed his brow before shaking his head. “You are him, Carson,” he said before turning his attention back to the stove. “What I meant was - you’re aren’t a coward anymore.”

Snorting, Carson shook his head and tucked his hands into the pockets of his trousers. “Perhaps Michael injected me with courageous genes,” he joked as he grinned. However, when John turned around to look at him, the grin disappeared. “I was only kidding.”

“I don’t care how smart Michael thinks he is, he didn’t do this to you. Besides, you were starting to grow a nice pair before Michael got his hands on you,” John pointed out. He rubbed his hands together, and stepped away from the stove. “Remember our first year on Atlantis? When the Wraith came?”


Carson did remember every detail from when the city was under siege from the Wraith. He had spent a good potion of the time, hiding away in medical, and attending to people’s wounds. He couldn’t bring himself to go out, and see what was going on. Carson could hear the explosions from where he was, and that was good enough for him.

“I don’t know what frightened you more - the Wraith attacking, or what happened on the Daedalus,” John commented, his lips curling into a small smirk.

A warm blush spread over Carson’s cheeks, and he found himself staring at the old floor boards of the hut. Once the Wraith was no longer a threat, the senior staff went back to Earth for debriefings and to find replacements for the expedition members they lost. During the three week journey back to Atlantis, Carson had found himself entertaining John in his quarters. By the end of the night, they were entangled with each other, and Carson had to admit it was the best night he’d had in years.

“Yes, well, I wasn’t expecting what happened on the Daedalus,” Carson murmured. He suddenly felt like a schoolboy, who was too embarrassed to just say John and he had shagged each other senseless.

“Do you ever regret it?”

With a soft snort, Carson looked up, and over at John. His mind tried to gauge a cheeky retort, but came up blank. “Three years later, and you’re finally asking?” he said as he raised his eyebrows.

There was silence in the hut, and Carson found himself studying the floor boards again. He knew he would never regret what happened between them; he was just sad it never happened again. Not that John didn’t show any interest in him. After all, he was always coming by medical to see how he was, and he seemed genuinely pleased to have him back in the city.

“No. I never regretted it,” Carson finally answered. He looked up again, and made eye contact with John. “Did you?”

John smiled - the type of smile he gave when he was sincerely happy. “Not at all, doc,” he said before the silence set in again.

All of this reminded Carson of the dance the both did the night they had slept together. Clumsy and unsure. There was a part of him that wanted to go to John, but he held himself back. There was no way to know if he wanted a repeat performance, and Carson didn’t want to alienate him. Finally, his mind kicked in again, and his mouth was able to form words.

“Why do you ask?”

John looked away, and shrugged. “I was just thinking the other day about how much you’re missed,” he said.

“I’m still around, John. Just because I’m not on Atlantis all the time--.”

“It’s not the same,” John said as he cut off Carson’s thoughts. “Don’t get me wrong - Keller’s a great doctor. She just doesn’t...understand like you did.”


John let out a deep breath, and looked over at him. “She doesn’t understand...” He trailed off and took another deep breath. “She’s not you, Carson. When she touches me when I’m hurt, it’s not the same as you touching me.”

As John’s words washed over him, Carson finally understood what the other man needed. He stepped forward, closing the gap between them, and cupped the back of John’s head, his fingers tangling with the short hair there. Without saying a word, Carson pulled John closer, and pressed his lips to his.

The kiss opened up a fury of touching and soon, they were tugging each other’s clothes off. They found their way to the small bed Carson slept on, where they continued to touch and kiss. John pressed his cock against Carson’s, and they slid against each other; the friction almost overwhelming them both.

When John hopped out of the bed long enough to produce a bottle of lube from his expedition jacket, Carson chuckled. Rolling to his back, he pulled his knees up, and opened himself up to John’s talented fingers. He groaned as the other man stretched him while running his tongue over his cock.

The moment John slid inside him, Carson felt a million sensations wash over his body. He found John’s rhythm, pushing his hips up each time John thrust into him. It wasn’t long until both men were trembling as they neared the edge. With a primal cry, Carson came first, his cock twitching between their stomachs. His clenching caused John to come soon after.

Taking several deep breaths, both men slowly settled and Carson wrapped his arms around John to keep him from slipping out just yet. Looking up at him, he smiled and softly kissed him. “Lets not wait three years before doing that again,” he murmured against John’s lips.

“Agreed,” John said with a content sigh.
Tags: fandom: stargate atlantis, nc-17, pairing: carson/john, slash

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